Ten Steps to a Closer Walk with God

David’s first book is an accounting of the ten steps he took to grow a stronger relationship with God. Being the analytical type, when faced with his own doubt of God’s existence, he decided to make a list of what he felt was the fundamental basics of Christianity and explore them in detail. He hoped that by understanding what God expects from him, and what he needs from God, his relationship with God would grow.

Ten Steps to a Closer Walk with God is David’s personal journey. He freely admits that he doesn’t have all the answers, but shares what he has learned to hopefully assist others who may be asking the same questions about their relationship with God.




  • Step 1 – Giving up Control
  • Step 2 – Learning to Trust
  • Step 3 – Dealing with Doubt (read)
  • Step 4 – Finding Faith
  • Step 5 – Understanding Forgiveness
  • Step 6 – Understanding Humility
  • Step 7 – Make Yourself Available
  • Step 8 – God Wants Us to Be Happy
  • Step 9 – Financial Freedom
  • Step 10 – Reverence for God


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Ten Steps to a Closer Walk With God
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Diez Pasos Hacia un Caminar Mas Cercano con Dios (Spanish Edition)
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