As I examine my life and actions I am reminded I am not worthy of God. I live a life filled with sin and no matter how hard I try, I continually fall short of my goal to be a good person. Sure, I can put on the face of a good person, but it’s not the outward appearance I’m referring to, it is who I am on the inside. The real me. The one who only God and myself knows. The one who is the product of a fallen world and will never be able to be worthy of God.

So, by reading this one might get the impression I don’t like myself. It is true I’m not happy with the way I act at times, or even the thoughts I have. I am human. I make mistakes and in no way am I capable of measuring up to the standards God requires of us. I guess this is the equivalent of saying, “game over” and I should just throw in the towel. If I can’t be what God wants me to be, why try?

These are the feelings and questions many if not all people have. How can we ever be what God wants us to be? Well, we can’t. At least not on our own.

If we were to look at the Ten Commandments it wouldn’t take long for us to realize we will always fall short. There is no human way to keep these commandments. Does this mean we were created to fail? I think yes.

First we need to remember God created us for a relationship with Him. Yes, He expects good things from us, but not of our own efforts alone, but through Him. With Him.

Do you believe God is all knowing? If so do you really think He was surprised when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge? If the plan was for Adam and Eve to not partake of this fruit, don’t you think God would be smart enough to put it out of their reach? God knew what He was doing.

By providing a way for us to fall, God created a way for us to come back to Him. He wants us to come to Him because we choose to, not because we are made to. If you put a gun to my head and told me to tell you I loved you would it mean anything to you? Of course not because it wouldn’t be an honest statement. I bet you would want me to tell you I love you because I have a choice. It would mean more, right?

God wants our honest and unconditional love. Once we understand this the burden is lightened. When we come to Christ and admit we are incapable of meeting God’s expectations He steps in on our behalf. He covers our sins and provides the way for us to have a relationship with God. Do you see what is happening here? We are coming to Christ by choice to have a relationship with God. We are COMING to HIM. Do you see the difference? We are not FORCED to be with God, we choose to.

When you feel you are not worthy of God, just remember you are not alone. None of us are worthy without Christ. Look to Christ, ask Him into your heart, and love Him.

A relationship will not make you a perfect person. You will still have bad thoughts and even continue with some of your bad habits. However, you will find as your relationship grows with Christ your desires to do things out of His will, will lessen.

Just remember, He is God, we are human. Rejoice in the relationship He wants with you and find comfort in the fact that He really does love you and wants the best for you.