The whole concept of Christianity may seem complex. First you have the Bible which is filled with stories that may be hard to understand. Then there are things like the Ten Commandments which we all know are impossible to obey all of the time. In addition, there are the different denominations, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit which is the Trinity, Jesus born to a virgin mother and then raising from the dead, the flood, a snake and an apple. And, this is just some of it.

On top of everything else, there is additional confusion when you try to start looking for answers. What version of the Bible should you use? What type of church should you attend? Will I stop having fun when I become a Christian? Is there a secret handshake, and if so, what is it?

Once you get past those questions, things really start to get deep. What is pre-destination? Do I have control of my future or has God already planned it? If He has, why does it matter what I do with my life? If God exists, why do bad things happen? Why do I need to be nice to mean people? If sin is bad, why do Christians sin at all? If killing is bad, why were there Holy Wars? If God is real, why the mystery? Why doesn’t He just show Himself and be done with it?

As you can see, there are so many questions, and as you learn more, you will have even more questions. However, the truth is, Christianity doesn’t need to be complex. Sure, there is a lot to it and we, as humans, will never know all the answers, but the important thing is that we don’t sit on the sidelines waiting until we have all the answers because if we do we will never get in the game.

Back when Jesus walked the earth we were in a transition. Prior to Jesus those who believed in God lived by the Law. This would be the Ten Commandments. However, over time man turned these Ten Commandments into over 600! These commandments, or laws, were maintained and taught by a group called the Pharisees. You could even say they were the court system of the day.

Well, all of a sudden this guy named Jesus showed up and started telling people that they were no longer bound by the Law, but could obtain a relationship with God through Him. He also claimed that instead of being held in contempt of the Law, they could receive salvation and forgiveness through Him, the Son of God. Not surprisingly, the Pharisees didn’t like this because this went against what they were teaching. So, they summoned Jesus to appear before them so He could be judged, and condemned.

One of the Pharisees, who happened to be a lawyer, asked Jesus to state which of the Ten Commandments was most important. The answer Jesus gave is the cornerstone to my ministry. You can find His response in Mark 12:30-31, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

So there you have it. In that one brief moment. In that one simple statement, Jesus summarized what it means to be a Christian–Love.

Sure, as we grow as Christians we need to learn more about God so that we can grow a closer relationship with Him, however, this can come in time. The simple fact is that if you love God with all your heart and love your neighbors as yourself, you have all you need to be a powerful man or woman of God. See, it really isn’t all that complex.

So now you know my calling. I am called to share the good news while reminding people that although Christianity may seem complex, the root of what it means to be a Christian isn’t. My goal is to provide you, my reader, real-life examples of how you can apply the greatest commandment ever given to your life and to those around you.