Podcast – Episode 1 – Dealing with Doubt

  I truly believe there is a distinctive difference between doubt and disbelief. In my case, I believe in God but I have moments of doubt. The ability to doubt gives me the opportunity to exercise my free will to... Read More

Do we still need to follow the Great Commission?

Before I try to answer this question I need to make sure that we are on the same page as to what the Great Commission really is. Was it something that only applied to the original disciples or does it... Read More

I am not worthy of God

As I examine my life and actions I am reminded I am not worthy of God. I live a life filled with sin and no matter how hard I try, I continually fall short of my goal to be a... Read More

The contradictions of the Bible

One of the topics for people on the fence with Christianity is contradictions in the Bible. There are several places where, taken out of context, it could appear the Bible contradicts itself. To be clear, I believe that the Bible... Read More

Embracing the pain

Not too long ago I lost a very special companion. Her name was Emma and she was someone that I could always depend on to be there when I needed her and she was always happy to see me. She... Read More

You’re not good enough to be a Christian

We all know that Christians are perfect, right? These are the people that have their acts together, have perfect families, don’t have problems, and most of all, always make the right decisions. Well, if you believe this, you are mistaken.... Read More